Ongoing Projects

Pavunjur Farm's House

Bhavani Nagar Selaiyur

Puthur Land Layout

Parvathy Nagar Madambakkam

Bhavani Nagar Selaiyur


Earth work ex :    (As per structural design)

Soil filling   :     (As per structural design)

Plain cement concrete in 1:4:8   :   Using 40mm jelly 4” thickness 53  grade cement

Reinforced cement concrete in 1:2:2   :  Using 20mm jelly as per design 53 grade cement

Steel fabrication   :  (As per structural design)

Anti-Termite treatment  : (Pest Control) (stage wise)

Plinth Beam 1:2:2    (Using 20mm jelly as per structural        design 53 grade cement

Car Parking               Tiles or concrete floor

 Drive way                 PCC flooring with 3”c

Brick                          Acc  Block

Main wall                  0.9”  C.M. 1:5 mix

Partition Wall          Light Weight brick (Renacon)

Parapet wall             0’4.5 C.M. 1:4 mix

Plastering                12mm thickness

Interior wall           C.M. 1:4 mix smooth finishing

Exterior Wall          C.M  1:5 mix rough finishing

Ceiling                       C.M. 1:3 mix smooth finishing

Lintel beam     0’9”x0’6” above & below the required condition 12 rod 4Nos and 8mm ring 6” c/c spacing

Loft                   R.C.C. 1:2:2  0’3” thickness slab10 mm rod @ 0.6” c/c spacing in both sides 1’6”x length shorter span of suited area

Shelving           R.C.C. 1:2:2  0’3” thickness slab10 mm & 12 mm rod @ 0.6” c/c spacing in both sides

Sunshade         R.C.C. 1:2:2  0’3” thickness slab 10 mm rod @ 0.6” c/c  spacing

Roof Slab          M20(1:2:4) grade  mix Concrete Roof Reinforcement as        per the structural design

Staircase           R.C.C. 1:2:2  0’5” slab Reinforcement X cut design 0’10”  thread X  0’5”

Main Door    :   Teak  Wood & Varnish finish

Other doors  :  OS Panel door/skin door & Luster  Finish Bath Doors Heavy WPC doors 

Windows      :    UPVC window

Living & Bedrooms           :           600×600 Branded Vitrified Tiles.

Steps & Landing                 :           Tiles/Marble flooring with S S Hand Rail                           

Bath room                           :           Glazed wall tiles for up to 7 feet. Anti-skid  for floor.

Kitchen                                 :           Glazed wall tiles for 2” height.

Wall concealed       :  CPVC .09” dia heavy duty (Star/Prince/Finolex)

Floor Concealed     :  P.V.C. shall be provided with P.C.C concealing

Inlet & outlet line  :   P.V.C. shall be provided pipe dia according To the  design

Kitchen platform   :      Black Granite and SS  Sink I.W.C. & E.W.C. ROCCO

Toilet fitting            :      3 in 1 wall mixtures (parry ware)

Wash basins            :     Hind ware

Wall inside  : 1 coat white  2 coat put  And Asian Premium Emulsion paint

Outside   :   Ace Exterior Emulsion

Ceiling  :   White Emulsion

Weathering course Red Tiles. Lovelycem painting for ceilings and cement paint finishes for interior and exterior plastered surfaces.

Sump 12000 liters capacity RCC as per the design for wall, flooring & roof. Smooth plaster finish with over head Tank.          

 Safety grill will be provided for Main door and Balcony will charged separate. As per site requirement

Wires             :  Three phase concealed wiring with switch For television and Telephone, Only conduits will be  provided.  No light fittings will be provided. A/C provision will be provided to all the bed rooms, TV, Phone provisions in Hall and one bed room. 

 Switches      :            Anchor Wire.

Bricks            :           ACC block

Cement         :           53 Grade PPC/OPC  Dalmia/Deccan.

Steel               :           GBR steel (515) or ARS

Electrical      :           ISI Copper wires

Plumbing      :           ISI PVC/GI Pipes/CPVC/6KG

Fitting            :           Master bed rooms (attached) Normal WBC in common, Bath fittings & Kitchen

Tiles               :           Flooring: Vitrified Tile Flooring 24 x 24 size with Skirting  4” height in bath rooms 6’ height

Bathroom    :           Anti Skid  tiles flooring with 4” Skirting

Emperor Lift 6 persons capacity.

CC TV will be provided.